Our idea

It all started with Bites. A tabletop studio dedicated to producing best in-class special effects that has been going since 2013. The latest film production technologies weren’t always readily available to digital content creators so we decided to change that. 

Crunch is not just another film studio. While we do have a fantastic studio space fully kitted out with film production pieces to rent, we are also a group of visual artists with a specific and not so usual approach to film and content production. All of this is absolutely managed to meet the needs of media within the digital era.

The Studio

We have got 450m² of studio space, a limbo and a scenography kitchen. Motion control & high speed gear is readily available

Visual Background

We are a group of very experienced visual artists with a tight focus on digital projects, and everything that goes with that.

Our Approach

We have come up with a workflow system,  that delivers the absolute best quality in digital motion picture projects, while being budget friendly at the same time.