Let’s start with Bolt.
Your product will love it!

It’s a robotic arm that moves on track, giving unprecedented possibilities to move the camera – impossible to achieve with other methods.

Along with motion control and hi-speed gear, we have light and camera setups that enable a simultaneously work on three units.

All of this is combined to meet the needs of media within the digital era.

The studio space is 450m².
Wide and high enough to shoot any imagined product, from a pin to a car.

We have a fully equiped scenography kitchen set,
prepared for even the most advanced productions.

  • Take a look inside… There is a narrow limbo, a styling kitchen, prop room, set design workshop and a private entresol with a studio view, for you to safely join the shoot, if necessary.

And we do postproduction too!

All of our footage is shot with stunning 6K resolution in RAW files and delivered in 4K to make sure you will see every detail of your product.

Images are then carefully color corrected within our own professional grading suite with a high-quality 4K reference monitor, so you can see the product colors with all their nuances – exactly the way you intended.

Step right up!

Let’s talk about what your product needs.

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Managing Director

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