Multi-functional studio for rent during Covid-19

Crunch Studio houses several multi-functional set areas all in one place; a kitchen set, a spacious photographic studio and access to indispensable film shooting equipment.  Everything under one roof, at a great location and available in a variety of rental configurations.

During the current health-risk situation, the ready availability of such facilities is an extremely convenient and prudent solution, enabling simultaneous work to be carried out on multiple sets. 

Below are more details of what we have to offer:

Comfortable studio space with limbo and food stylist kitchen

450m2 studio space, 10m high with easy car access.

A fully safeguarded Client area

Completely isolated, a pleasant and safe space for use by the client team on-site. 

Set area: cafeteria / kitchen 

An open, bright, nature inspired set-area which, with only minor modifications, can be transformed into a warm and friendly home kitchen, or a canteen and even a slow-life café.

Set area: office, living room, bedroom

Bright, spacious and uniquely designed contemporary working and domestic sets, that are simply ideal for adaptation into an office, a living room and even a bedroom.

Scenographic kitchen

Perfect for live action shots, cooking programs, blogs, and video recipes. The possibility of using shots from the robot camera gives this a completely new quality in culinary productions.

The kitchen consists of universal modules that can be configured to suit. Minor adjustments and colour changes, permit the possibility of readily changing the tone and style of the set.

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