It’s official – welcome to Crunch!

Meet Crunch – a new service studio specifically dedicated to creating exceptional quality content for new media.

Our aim is to give creators of digital content complete access to the latest film production technologies (motion control, high speed) together with a studio equipped with full film production facilities.

Crunch altogether with Bites studio are now able to offer a total of almost 1,800 sq.m of studio area, complete with three motion-control robots. 

While Bites focuses on production of films that require state-of-the-art special effects, Crunch concentrates on the production of high-quality content tailored for digital media. It means that our clients have at their disposal two independent, fully equipped studios, meeting a whole host of film production needs. 

Crunch’s offer includes ready-made formats, created by a group of talents gathered around the idea of the studio. What’s more we want to offer unparalleled development opportunities for creators with a spotlight on digital projects. That is what our digital playground is for.

Beware: great things ahead!