Tomek Albin

Tomek Albin is a visual artist, who successfully combines conceptual work as a photographer and as a video director. He has graduated from the Faculty of Multimedia Communications at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań.
Rep by HART Warsaw

Both in his art as well as in commercial projects, he captures pristine, and perfectly planned landscapes that he manages to unfold looking at the places where there is little to no light – imbuing nocturnal spaces with eerily beautiful, cinematic mood. Work with long exposures, cinematic light and detailed compositions characterizes also his sterile still life photographs, as well as creative commercial videos, inspired by geometry and sculpture.

He’s an alert observer with attention to details and simplicity, whether he finds his inspiration in the wildness of nature or a fast developing city. This also translates to his awareness of the background music which he finds a substantial part of the motion picture itself.

His distinctive style has resulted in multiple collaborations with major advertising agencies and clients across Europe, as well as numerous awards including several KTR, Epica and Golden Drum awards, and has been featured in many prestigious international publications such as Still Life Selected Views and Luerzer’s Archive.

Parallel to his commercial activity, he develops his personal projects that have been exhibited in galleries all over Poland. Consistently, he’s well- respected as a photography lecturer at the National Film School in Łódź, where he leads his advertising and conceptual workshop and conducts his PhD.