Jakub Hajduk

His family expected him to become an engineer. Fortunately for him, something went wrong there and he never did. He got interested in photography instead and then cinematography later on. In both of those fields he found a way to express his creativity and passion for beauty.


Nowadays most of his work is focused on tabletop film directing and cinematography. Both of them allows him to combine his technical background and artistic skills. Nothing is too complicated to be done. Based on that, he does his best to provide his clients with hi-end images they require.

Among companies he has worked for you may find: D’Alchemy, AVON, Jeronimo Martins, E. Wedel, IKEA, Netto, Żywiec Zdrój, Maspex, Danone, Wawel, Saeco, Grupa Żywiec.