Bartek Świerczyński

Bartek Świerczyński is a film and food aficionado. Ingredients, colors, textures, compositions, details, macro and slow mo is his world. Smell and taste enchanted in the images that speak to all senses. Food, beauty, hedonism, the meaning of life.

Vast experience in advertising has not killed his passion for this work. Brain storming, experimenting and looking for new approaches and unique concepts is what keeps this work fascinating for him. He started as an online artist. Countless hours with top creatives and directors in studios, even got some awards… but then it was time to move on, get behind the camera.

He combined the love for good food with the passion for creating beautiful images. Through the years he has been trusted by renowned companies to film lots of splashes, cooking, roasting, slicing and dicing, tasting, licking and enjoying food and life. To name a few: Maggi, Schoeller, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Danone, Tymbark, Wedel, Żywiec, Biedronka, Lorenz…

The world got smaller and he has had the pleasure to work abroad – from Ukraine to Bangkok getting to know foreign cuisines along the way.